Saturday, April 14, 2007

Haley Scarnato: Short Dress vs Choir Robe

Haley Scarnato is no longer in American Idol. She got booted this Wednesday and many people thought that her wearing short dress brought disaster for her. One of the judges, Simon Cowell, did not like her dress and many voters agreed with this matter.

The irony is that Haley Scarnato planned to wear choir robe in the next episode of American Idol. It does not matter anymore as she is already out of American Idol 2007. So, she cannot wear choir robe anymore.

Reality TV Magazine wrote:

When asked how she would adjust and correct her performances based on the judges conflicting advice, Haley jokingly said, “If I was still going to be here next week, I was going to wear a choir robe. I was going to be fully clothed. You just take it for what it’s worth and just try to brush it off, and just know that you still have to perform. I felt good about it, so I’m okay with it.”

I am not a fan of short dress but I cannot understand the fuss about the dress up of Haley Scarnato. Yes, her dress was short but it was not indecent. I mean, what she wore was nothing uncommon in American TV.

I wonder what the other female contestants would do now? They should be careful about their dress up. The male contestants should not feel too much relaxed either.