Saturday, April 14, 2007

American Idol: Phil Stacey to go Next?

Phil Stacey had a close call in American Idol this week. He was lucky to survive this week. He was one of the bottom 3 contestants. Phil Stacey is in the bottom 3 for the last 3 weeks continuously.

Phil Stacey has religious background and I suppose that many devoted religious persons are voting for him.

Christian Post reported:

Stacey, a minister of music at First Coast Christian in Jacksonville, Fla., has been walking on thin ice this season, and had his third week in a row among the lowest vote tallies, four times all together.

"I feel good to be here,” the Florida Christian told host Ryan Seascrest on the program. “I'm blessed."

Stacey, who performed the song “Maria Maria,” received mixed signals from the three judges on Tuesday night after his live piece.

"Vocally I thought, with the exception at the end there, it was a real good vocal” critiqued 90s star Paula Abdul. “You turned out a really good vocal."

Gospel Music Association (GMA) is behind Phil Stacey and thus Phil Stacey has some solid votes coming to his way. Now, we need to see if that is enough to save him in the next episode of American Idol. Phil Stacey is one of the top 7 contestants in American Idol this year. Can he become one of the top 6 contestants?