Friday, April 13, 2007

American Idol: What Next for Haley Scarnato?

Haley Scarnato has been dismissed from American Idol this week. Many voters were not excited with her short dress and long legs. May be she was thinking of impressing Simon Cowell but it just happened the opposite and Simon Cowell did not like the legs of Haley Scarnato and the fans agreed with Simon. reported:

Simon Cowell suggested on Tuesday's program that Scarnato was using her curve-hugging, leg-baring attire as a "tactic" to stay in the competition.

"I'm not gonna wear anything ... that's completely inappropriate," a jeans-clad Scarnato countered Wednesday.

Phil Stacey and Chris Richardson had the next-lowest vote tallies in the phone balloting, which drew more than 35 million calls and text messages.

Stacey, 29, of Jacksonville, Fla., earned mixed reviews on Tuesday for his performance of Maria Maria, which Cowell derided as flat and unoriginal.

So, What Next for Haley Scarnato? Haley Scarnato is now a famous name and she will remain famous for next few weeks because of her legs. May be, she should try to contact some companies about endorsing products related to legs. She can also think of joining modeling. She can try the film industry. At least, the TV industry would surely love to have Haley Scarnato. She just needs to forget her failure and act smartly now while the sun is shining for her.