Monday, April 23, 2007

Rani Mukherjee Lost Weight for Tara Rum Pum

The IHT report is not very clear. At least, I did not understand if Rani Mukherjee had to lose weight for Tara Rum Pum or another movie. Most probably it was for Tara Rum Pum.

IHT wrote:

Bollywood actress Rani Mukherjee put herself through grinding workouts so she could slip into a miniskirt for a new movie, a newspaper reported Thursday.

"If I had put on those short skirts looking the way I did earlier, I'd have looked pretty stupid," Mukherjee told the Mumbai Mirror newspaper in an interview published Thursday. "I knew I had to get seriously slim."

Mukherjee said she gave her gym instructor a hard time because she was focused on losing weight for a role that takes her from a college student to a mother of two.

I am happy that Rani Mukherjee could lose weight in such a good way. Well, she is a professional and serious Bollywood actress. She is dedicated to her acitng.