Sunday, April 15, 2007

American Idol: Haley Scarnato vs Jennifer Lopez

This time, you wil have to see American Idol without Haley Scarnato. Her long sexy and beautiful legs failed to impress Simon Cowell and that was the end of the road for Haley Scarnato as most of the fans were influenced by Simon’s negative comment.

American Idol is a democratic program and I have nothing to say about the vote of the fans. They are paying the money and sending their votes. So, they have every right to vote for anyone they like.

What is so amazing to me was a matter that in the last episode of American Idol Jennifer Lopez was the mentors for the contestants. Jennifer Lopez Is famous for her sexy looks. Most of the time when we can see Jennifer Lopez in the media, Jennifer Lopez is wearing shot dress. Her legs are surely more visible than the legs of Haley Scarnato. So, what is the fuss about the legs of Haley Scarnato? Did Simon Cowell Forget that Jennifer Lopez is one of the hottest and sexiest singers in America? So, what is wrong with Showing legs in American Idol?

This is the hypocrisy of people like Simon Cowell. They’re happy to see The long legs of Jennifer Lopez but they cannot tolerate when Haley Scarnato wear short dress.