Saturday, April 14, 2007

Haley Scarnato: What Went Wrong in American Idol?

Haley Scarnato is history now in American Idol. I cannot think of any other contestant generating so much media hype in American Idol like Haley Scarnato. She is beautiful and her voice is not that bad but still she could not survive. So, what went wrong with her? I think that the following things went wrong with her.

1. Wearing short dress is not a bad idea in American Idol. I mean, it is perfectly all right in American media to be portrayed as a sexy woman. The problem is that Haley Scarnato took it too far.

2. When Simon Cowell commented negatively about her dress up she should have been on the offensive instead of being silent. She should have told that many Americans dress the way she did.

3. Haley Scarnato should have given a bit more effort for singing the Latino song. Perhaps, she was over confident about her looks.

Haley Scarnato did some mistakes and the other American contestants should learn from her mistake.