Saturday, April 28, 2007

Richard Gere Understands His Guilty with the Kissing Controversy with Shilpa Shetty

Richard Gere has al last apologized for the kissing incident that he made at an anti-AIDS campaign. He has recently said that he could not understand the Indian custom and he feels sorry for this unintentional matter. Mr. Gere also called for the media circus over the matter. The Jaipur court of India has issued an arrest warrant for Richard Gere for violating the obscenity law of India. Enjoy France reported:

Richard Gere said he hadn’t understood the Indian customs regarding such matters and that he regretted any problems he had caused for Shilpa Shetty by his action.

Richard Gere also asked for an end to the "media circus" over it and said he hoped it would not detract from the very important message of preventing HIV/AIDS.

A judge had ordered Shilpa Shetty to appear in his court on 5 May, claiming the actress did nothing to stop the kiss, which he described as "highly sexually erotic," but Richard Gere is reported to have said it was not Shilpa Shetty’s fault.

And Shilpa Shetty sprang to Richard Gere’s defence and said he acted "in good humour" at the time it happened.

I think whatever Mr. Gere did, he did not do it intentionally but he should have had an overall idea regarding the Indian culture before involving in such a sensitive matter.