Thursday, March 29, 2007

Aishwarya-Abhishek Marriage to be Held on April 20, 2007?

As Aishwarya-Abhishek would be marriage ceremony has already got much media attention, it is like that even small news of Bachchan family is getting much media coverage. Yes, it is true that the marriage not only in India but also in abroad has created a huge public attention. This would-be couple has already got invitation for honeymoon trip in abroad. There is a media report that the marriage is going to taken place on April 20, 2007. However, the reality is that there is no body who can give the exact date of the marriage. Magalorean reported:

"It (the date) must be true because the news was probably released from the Bachchans' office. Its apparently a three-day-long celebration," said a source.

Television and radio channels are adding to the cacophony. One TV channel has even gone to the extent of preparing a feature on the wedding with details of where Abhishek's father Amitabh and mother Jaya will stand to bless the couple.

But no one really knows the answer to the big question - are Abhiash - as the couple has been fashionably dubbed of late - actually getting married on April 20?

"All this news is coming from Delhi and everybody is relying on a report published in one newspaper. The Bachchans are closely guarding the wedding details, but I guess very soon they will make the announcement just the way they announced the engagement. But the reports are a little confusing because, if you see, every newspaper has a different version of the story," said the source.

There is news like Abhishek Bachchan will wear a golden sherwani in the marriage ceremony. The sherwani will cost about Rs. 500,000. Now, all the television channels and newspapers are busy with this all star marriage ceremony.