Friday, March 23, 2007

Shah Rukh Khan and Special Effects

Shah Rukh Khan has become old but he is still popular among the fans. He has seen great success in traditional Bollywood romantic movies. Now, he is calling for more movies with special effects. He is right that Bollywood movies really suck when it comes to special effects.

Washington Post reported:

Until recently, a Bollywood action movie meant a collage of fight sequences in which punches rarely landed and kicks missed their targets by yards.

"I want our F-X to be comparable with the best in the world," Khan, referring to a technical term for describing special effects, told the Mumbai Mirror daily.

"I want to spend the next three months honing up the F-X in our production house."

With growing sophistication among audiences, Bollywood is being forced to revamp its technologically backward image and is hiring acclaimed special effects experts in a bid for bigger box office sales.

I agree with Shah Rukh Khan that Bollywood needs more movies with special effects. However, I have not seen Shah Rukh Khan supporting any producer or director who wanted to make special effects movies.