Monday, March 26, 2007

Raima Sen to Rule Bollywood

Raima Sen comes from an acting family. Munmun Sen is her mother and she was a well known Bollywood actress who was famous for her attractive figure. Raima’s grandmother was Suchitra Sen, the living legend of Bengali movie industry. So, now it is time for Raima Sen to show her talent. Is she the next big thing in Bollywood?

Subhash K. Jha writes in

From Suchitra Sen to Sushmita Sen, Bengali actresses have ruled Hindi cinema for aeons. And maybe now it's Raima Sen's turn.

"Bengali is my mother tongue but now I need to build on my career in Mumbai," said Raima who will be doing just a couple of films in Bengali.

The girl certainly has spunk. For the skydiving scene in Reema Kagti's "Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd", Raima refused to use a duplicate.

"A body double was ready to step in. But I had done skydiving before, so I decided to give it a shot. About being in a sari, yes it was scary on the first day. But I soon got a hang of it. It was great fun," Raima told IANS.

Talking about her small role in "Eklavya", she said: "You must have wondered why I did that small role. I can't say no to some people. But I'm learning. In recent months I've said yes only to Aparna Sen's film. Now I'm being cautious.

I have just one advice for Raima- don’t try to be a sex symbol and don’t try to show too much of your body. Yes, her mother Munmun Sen did this terrible mistake. She was ready to do everything to get some breaks in Bollywood. Yes, Munmun got some breaks all right but failed to become the top actress in Bollywood. Raima should not do the same mistake. Raima is beautiful and good actress too. She just needs to be patient and hardworking.