Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hattrick bowled out by World Cup Cricket

Hattrick is a movie about cricket. It was released during World Cup Cricket 2007 with the expectation that it will do well in the box office. Now, people are crazy about cricket in India and Hattrick makers wanted to take advantage from it. However, the plan has simply backfired. People are now busy with World Cup in India and have no time to go to the cinema halls to watch Hattrick.
Indiafm reported:

The World Cup has played truant. And as predicted by this writer at the very outset, the cricket matches have cut into the business of all films, new and old. One of the films that have been hit badly is UTV’s HATTRICK, directed by Milan Luthria.
“We were prepared, we knew it all along that the matches would cut into our business,” Milan Luthria is honest enough to admit the facts, “But we can’t hide behind the excuse of cricket. We had a slow start, got hit on Saturday due to the match [India versus Bangladesh], were stable on Sunday, but were down on Monday again due to the India versus Bermuda match.”
That’s precisely what I told Siddharth Roy Kapur of UTV this morning. Let’s get introspective. What kind of a feedback has he received so far? “Very frankly, it’s 50:50. Some people have liked it, some have disliked it completely. Some felt TAXI NO. 9211 was better, some were of the opinion that HATTRICK comes nowhere close to TAXI. It’s not a unanimous feedback,” Milan agrees.

May be Hattrick should have been released just before or after the World Cup Cricket 2007.