Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sonali Bendre: Homemaker, Wife and Mother

Sonali Bendre is out of her prime now. Even in her prime, she was never the top Bollywood actress. However, she was very beautiful and not a bad actress. In fact, she thousands of fans. I often feel that she did not get enough opportunities to show her acting talent. Anyway, she is now very busy in her home. At this moment, she is not a actress but a homemaker, wife and mother. Wow, she has to play 3 roles in real life and real time. It seems that she is enjoying her new roles.

The Hindu wrote:

Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre Behl is enjoying her conjugal bliss so much that she has taken a sabbatical from films.

"I am a homemaker, wife and mother these days. I have a son, Ranvir, who needs all my attention. I acted for two and a half years after marriage, but I did not want to become a working mother. I am not going to act in films for a long time," says Sonali.

But the talented actress still derives creative satisfaction by doing theatre. She has acted in "Aap Ki Soniya'' that has been staged in various cities to generate funds for charitable causes. It is a sequel to "Tumhari Amrita''.

I am a big fan of Sonali and I wish her all the success in her new roles.