Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Inclusion of the Minnows and Their Cricket Loving Fans and Passion for Cricket

The World Cup Cricket 2007 includes the record number of 16 teams including 6 ICC associate member countries. Outside the test family of the world cricket, the other six teams are Scotland, Kenya, Canada, Bermuda, Netherlands and Ireland. However, these minnows have barely any chance to get into the super eight round. Some people have already said that their inclusion in the world cup will lessen the quality of this showpiece event of world cricket.

On the other hand, there are some people who view it from another angle. They think that they should give access to such big tournament regularly so that they can develop themselves and learn from the big teams. Only then the overall development will be seen among the cricket playing nations. Today I read an article where writer indicated the cricket loving fans of those minnows to whom, world cup cricket is a dream. He said:

The debate as to whether associate nations should be included in the top-level events can go on and on.

There are people against it who argue - why let the big nations thrash the minnows? Why make the event boring? And, there are also people who say when will the minnows learn cricket if they are not allowed to play against the stronger sides? What about the development of the game?

If Kenya’s exceptional progress to the semifinals in 2003 is taken out, the minnows have achieved almost nothing. True. But for those who are not the citizens of these minnows. For the cricket loving people in these countries and and the countries aspiring-to-play World Cup like Nepal, these minnows have achieved nothing less than Australia has by winning the World Cup twice in a row.

For me, as all other Nepali cricket lovers, if Nepal participates in the World Cup, it will be the biggest moment in my lifetime to cherish for. If Australia or Sri Lanka or India thrashes Nepal by 300 runs or by 10 wickets in five overs, I will still be feeling proud. And for the players, who are playing cricket more for the passion than money, it will be a dream come true.

Cricketers in associate nations neither get a lot of money nor the hero-status as in the Test nations but they continue playing the game. That’s for the love of the game and I believe everyone, including International Cricket Council (ICC), should respect their contribution, passion and love. And no recognition can match the pride of playing with their idols in World Cup.

Well, I agree with the write and his logic. The players of the minnows who are playing cricket without getting enough financial assistance and to whom cricket is more than life, we should at least think about their passion for cricket and pay homage to those players and their fans, who can still dream being a fan of those minnows.