Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bollywood Movies Become a Source of a Huger Number of Tourists from India

In the past, many Bollywood movies were shot in the beautiful country Switzerland and in this way; a large number of tourists are becoming attracted to Switzerland. So, in the vacation, Indian people are making trips to Switzerland which is contributing a lot to the Swiss economy. That is why; Swiss government has taken some initiatives in order to attract more people from India to Switzerland. NZZ Online reported:

Industry officials highlight Indian cultural, shopping and culinary preferences and dislikes. Indians spent a total of 284,390 nights in Swiss hotels last year, up 14 per cent on 2005.

The report from the Swiss tourist board and the hotel industry, Hotellerie Suisse, hailed India as one of the most important markets and forecast an average 15 per cent increase in the number of visitors from the country every year for the next ten years.

"Together with China, India is the most important market for us in Asia because it has such a big population and a rapidly growing economy," Switzerland Tourism director Jürg Schmid told swissinfo. "That means more Indian tourists can afford to travel to Switzerland."

"Switzerland is a dream destination for many Indians and a must:stop venue on any European tour."

Indian businessman Waseem Hussain, boss of Swiss:based consultancy firm MARWAS AG, was commissioned to help produce the brochure : Swiss Hospitality for Indian Guests : that was presented in Zurich on Wednesday.

The brochure highlights a number of ways in which Swiss hotels in particular can raise their game to make Indian guests feel even more welcome.

For example, it points out that Indian tourists often come in family groups and that is it vital that they can all sit together at one table at meal times.

Small points, such as providing fresh water free of charge and tea:making facilities in hotel rooms, will go a long way, the brochure states.

I think Swiss government has done a very good job as they could realize the huge Indian market can make a huge boom in Swiss economy.