Saturday, March 31, 2007

Preity Zinta: Shekhar Kapoor Eater?

Preity Zinta is now under fire from Suchitra Krishnamoorthy. Suchitra Krishnamoorthy has accused that Preity Zinta had an affair with her former husband Shekhar Kapoor and it caused her marriage to fall apart.

Here is an excerpt of an interview:

Tell us about that ‘maneater’ you referred to in a poem on your blog, the one who came between you and Shekhar. Is it Preity Zinta?

What do you think?

I am not sure.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.

Preity said in a recent interview that you weren’t talking about her.

She can say what she wants. If she thinks it’s not her and that I am wrong, she should sue me. And I will be delighted. My best friends are lawyers. I am not scared.

I think that says it all.


Have you met Preity recently?

Why should I? She called me and asked why I was slurring her reputation. She even told me that she was getting married and that Shekhar has promised to give her away (a bride is given away by her father in Christian weddings).

How dare she call me? She dare not call me again. Stay out of my space. My home is sacred.

If the accusation is true then it is very bad for Preity Zinta. It will not do any good to her trying to become the leading Bollywood actress.


Anonymous said...

ummm i don't believe that, preity doesn't seem like the type plus she's really sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Preity, because of her, SHEKHAR KAPUR's REAL FACE can now be seen clearly. If she wouldnot have slept with him then someone else would have, we cannot just blame Priety for that, SHEKHAR IS DUMB SILENT PERSON BUT BE CAREFUL INSIDE HE IS A WILD DOG when alone in company with young successful women. OH SHEKHAR, show us your real face, common its too late, you cannot hide now. Its not about Preity isnt it, its you and your INNER ANIMAL, bhow..woww...woo..wooooooooo. Desperate, old, unsuccessful husbands are always looking for whores to satisfy their INNER EGO. I pity for the husbands who donot have money, poor guys they have to go for cheap prosts. SHEKHAR was damn lucky to get Preity, way to go SHEKAR you one lucky DOG. I REALLY ENVY YOU.

Suchitra is a big ediot, by leaving Shekhar she proved that she truly loved him and didnot marry him for money. Even our mothers have been such ediots to tolerate fathers atrocities, but just becos of kids and need of financial support they kept quiet, but time is changing. If I would be in place of Suchitra I dont give a damn about what Shekhar does with other womens. I would had as many affairs and as well enjoyed Shekar's money. But Indian womens dont understand that Mens dont need honest wives, instead they need bitches to live with them. How could Suchitra even think that Shekhar is any different. This does not mean that there are not loyal guys but just she was not that lucky.