Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Jiah Khan: Brave New Actress?

I know that journalists often like to exaggerate and overrate. That is the feeling I got when I read The brave new Bollywood heroine is here... ..


Destroying the idols of custom, breaking the shackles of tradition, Ram Gopal Varma's Jiah may not be like Kaifi Azmi's "Aurat", but she is free in her own way: free for an uninhibited expression of sinful pleasure for one thing. As a young girl confident of her body, sure of her mind, she nurses a pulse that knows no tomorrow. Arisen, she is ready to walk together with a man more than twice her age. Beauty is her only garb, unfettered prance the only accompaniment. No locks, no ledge; in her life every crevice has a dream, every dream a vagrant expression.

To know more about Jiah you can read: All about Jiah Khan: The latest sizzler of Bollywood in Nishabd


j said...

thank u for using such beautiful words...and thank u for ur support