Friday, October 12, 2007

Om Shanti Om: Music Review

There are just three weeks before the release of Om Shanti Om. This movie is going to be released in the Diwali, the largest festival in India. Naturally, this is expected to generate a lot of business for Shah Rukh Khan. Of course, you know that the main ingredient for success of a Hindi movie is dancing and music. So, many people are now interested about the music of Om Shanti Om. Smash Hits has written a review of the music of Om Shanti Om. According to that review Om Shanti Shanti has excellent music and Shah Rukh Khan can be happy that the songs of Om Shanti Om have the potential to earn him a lot of money. Sometimes, we have seen in Bollywood that music, CDs, Cassettes can bring a lot of money and sometimes even more money than the movies themselves. So, Shah Rukh Khan can be very happy with the positive music review that he has received so far about the music of Om Shanti Om.