Saturday, October 13, 2007

Kareena Kapoor Loses One Movie Over Her Breaking up with Shahid Kapoor

Many think that personal life and professional life of a showbiz star are very different. However, Kareena Kapoor may now feel differently. Recently, Kareena Kapoor has broken up his personal relationship with Shahid Kapoor. Considering the breakup, Raj Kumar Santoshi has already decided to cast Katrina Kaif replacing Kareena Kapoor for his next film though he was earlier thinking about Kareena for the role. However, Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kappor are going to appear together in the upcoming movie Jab We Met which is set to be released on 26 October.

India Target reported:

The first film to undergo this is Raj Kumar Santoshi's film for PVR Pictures. It is reliably learnt that Santoshi has replaced Kareena Kapoor with Katrina Kaif for this film. Expect more reshuffling by other filmmakers in the days to come.

Only time can say if Kareena loses any other film because of her recent cut up with Shahid Kapoor. However, Shahid Kapoor has not loses any movie so far due to the matter. So, it seems that the breaking up of their relationship is going to affect Kareena Kapoor’s career most. Anyway, Kareena has the sheer talent and she can retain her place in the Bollywood with her acting skill and beauty.