Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jab We Met: Kareena Kapoor Nervous?

Karena Kapoor is no longer the new actress as it is now 7 years that Kareena Kapoor is in action in Bollywood movies. So, she is matured enough to handle any film. Kareena has also earned a lot of fame for her acting despite the fact that many of her movies did not become successful in the box office. Kareena was nervous while shooting the movie Jab We Met.

Times of India wrote:

Dancing maestro Saroj Khan was roped in to choreograph the Yeh Ishq Hai song in Manali and as Kareena has been a student of Saroj Khan, she was extremely nervous before the shoot!

The actress was so tense as to what her teacher would say! But it all changed once the shoot started and in fact Kareena ended up enjoying herself to the hilt. Needless to say Sarojji was quite proud and the student finally impressed the teacher at the end.

This is nice to know. Kareena has tried hard and she got success. It will surely make her fans happy.