Monday, April 23, 2007

Abhishek & Aishwarya: What has Jahnvi Kapoor Got?

Do you know Jahnvi Kapoor? Of course, many of you know her. Jahnvi Kapoor is now so famous in the world thanks to her daring stunt in the wedding day of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai. She has been in the local and international media. I saw something about her in Stuff, a New Zealand website.

It wrote:

The woman, Jahnvi Kapoor, claimed to be Bachchan's lover and slashed her wrist in front of his home.

She told reporters she wanted to kill herself because Bachchan had gone back on his promise of marrying her after having "physical relations" with her.

Police arrested the woman – described as a struggling fashion model – for attempting suicide, a punishable offence.

Police refused to register a complaint against Bachchan, saying the model had no proof of the relationship and it looked like a publicity stunt.

If it is a publicity stunt then I have to say that Jahnvi Kapoor is very successful in it. She has got the maximum media coverage possible. Of course, the families of Abhishek & Aishwarya helped Jahnvi Kapoor to get this huge amount of media coverage by shutting the door to the media for the actual wedding ceremony.