Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lahore introduces new actor Aanaahad

In Lahore the upcoming Hindi movie on Indian sports audience will see a new actor named Aanaahad. The 25-year-old actor played the character of a kick boxer in the movie and he had to work very hard three years for the movie. However, all his hard work paid up because Lahore Hindi movie won various awards and Aanaahad also won the two best actor awards. The 25-year-old Aanaahad was studying in college when he understood that he is very much interested to have a career as an actor. He then came to Mumbai and started assisting director. At that time director Sanjay Puransingh Chauhan who also wrote the script of Lahore and directed the movie came into approached him and explained the character. For the movie Aanaahad had to study martial arts so he went to China to study Wu Shu for six months. Aanaahad had a very tough time in China because there were no vegetarian foods so he took non-rich foods like fish and then other things. For working in Lahore Hindi movie had been a great opportunity for the 25-year-old actor because he got the opportunity to work with some of the finniest actor of Bollywood such as Farooque Shaikh, Nafisa Ali, Nirmal Pandey, Sabyasachi Chakravarthy, Ashish Vidyarthi etc. Aanaahad said:

“From Farooque sir, I learnt that if you want to be successful, you should do your work with complete honesty,”

Finally the honest paid up for him because Lahore garnered for several nominations and own awards Special Jury Award for best feature film at the world festival world festival 2009. The movie will hit theatres on March 19. Let see how the audience except Aanaahad.

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