Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shawn Mims wants call from Bollywood

Shawn Mims, who is also known as Mims, is an American hip hop singer. This American rapper of Jamaican descent is keen to work in Hindi film industry. He is waiting for an offer from Bollywood. He wants to explore Bollywood music that is influenced by Indian culture.

Shawn Mims has been in India for a tour. He entered into Bollywood with another famous singer, Snoop Dog. They performed a track in Akshay Kumar’s Singh Is King. Now, Mims is interested to do some Bollywood tracks himself. He is open in collaborations with Indian artists. However, he hasn’t heard much of Indian music apart from some Bollywood tracks. He hopes that Asian crowd would fall for the energy that has in his music.

Western actors have been attracted by the Indian culture. Few days ago, we saw Akon to come in India to make some music tracks for Shah Rukh Khan’s sci-fi film RA.One.

Let us see if Shawn Mims can take a place in the mind of Indian movie fans.

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