Thursday, March 18, 2010

Will 'Lahore' Hindi movie be released in Pakistan?

The upcoming Hindi movie 'Lahore' is set to release world wide on 19th March 2010. But Pakistan censor board denied its release in this country. The only reason is that this country has suspected that the movie has portrayed Pakistan in a negative light. However, the producer of this film has said to the media that the film speaks about the peace between these two countries.

Certain scenes of this film had been objected by the Pakistan censor board. In one scene, it was shown that a Pakistani girl asked for forgiveness from an Indian character. However, the title ‘Lahore’ also made criticism in Pakistan. The court dismissed a petition to ban Indian films in Pakistan. May be, the clash between these two countries is not selecting the Pakistani players in the third edition of Indian Premier League.

Debutant director Sanjay Puran Chauhan’s 'Lahore' movie has already got many international awards including the best actor award for the newcomer Aanaahad at Tenerife International Film Festival in UK and Salento International Film Festival in Italy.

Sanjay Puran Chauhan is upset for this news. He said that this movie speaks about peace as the tagline 'Beyond borders, between Nations lies a battle to end all wars', implies.

Lahore is made based on kick boxing. Some parts of this film were shot in Lahore. I hope that it will be the next big hit movie in India.

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