Thursday, March 11, 2010

IPL will replace films in movie theatres

Because of the limited seating capacity, many cricket fans can not enjoy the match live on stadium. It should be a pathetic matter for cricket crazy people because watching live match on stadium is really exciting matter. However, if anyone misses the chance to hold a ticket for a crucial match in the third season of Indian Premier League then don’t lose your heart. You can enjoy the match live in a big screen with the nature of stadium. You may know that for the first time in India IPL matches will be screened live almost 800 theaters. Among them 65 theatres in Delhi and NCR will show the matches live. The price of the ticket will be between Rs. 100-300. No doubt, it is reasonable price and you are able to afford it. So, I think that you will enjoy the game live in a big theatre or multiplex cinema hall.

No doubt, it is a good news for sports lover but at the same time it is bad news for movie goers’ people. It is a bad time for movie makers. This time hardly anyone will go to watch any new movie. Let us come to see how producers and directors earn profit at that time.

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