Monday, March 22, 2010

Now the Time of Yuvarani and Nityananda Scandal?

It seems that Nityananda Paramahamsa is becoming famous like Tiger Woods. After his scandal with actress Ranjitha now it is time of Yuvarani. Yuvarani is not a famous actress at all but now she has become famous as there are rumors that there is a video of Yuvarani and Nityananda scandal. So, many people are now searching in Google about this matter. For the last few days, many people are talking about the scandal of Nityananda Paramahamsa.

Of course, Nityananda Paramahamsa has many followers in India and many of his followers are passionate and blind about him. Even after the scandal, some of his followers are strongly supporting him.

Anyway, there is not much information about Yuvarani. She is perhaps a very insignificant actress and I could not find almost any information on her. So, many be tomorrow, there will be more information about the whole incident.