Saturday, March 27, 2010

Scottish has developed a new “Indian Plan” to attract Bollywood

Now-a-days, we can see that many Indian film makers chose Eastern Europe and Switzerland as a film location. If you are fan of Hindi movie then you can see that most of the films were shot in these two countries. However, I think that Scotland can be a next location for Bollywood. Film producers can select this country to make the film.

Scotland has plans afoot to promote itself a good filming location to Indian film production companies. To be promoted as a film location to Bollywood, Scottish government has developed a new 'India Plan'. This plan is designed to boost links between the two countries in education and science, tourism, trade, and investment and culture. That could see a rise in the number of Bollywood films shot in Scotland.

In the past, we could see that Scotland had been a popular location for Indian film production companies. It is used as the substitute for Kashmir and filming in Edinburgh. I hope that this plan will help both countries to develop their economy.

Scotland is the best place for filming. Its weather is suitable for film making. I hope that Indian government and film producers will take this plan with importance.

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