Saturday, March 13, 2010

Isha Ambani: Famous for a Day

Isha Ambani is neither a Bollywood actress nor a TV actress. She is not exactly a very pretty girl either. Still, today, in India, people became more interested about her than any beautiful actress you can think of. Isha Ambani is a rich heiress and she is a billionaire thanks to her father.

When I saw her name in Google Trends my first reaction was that she must be a spoilt girl as she is very rich at a very young age.

After reading the entry of Mehdi about Isha Ambani in South Asia Blog, I got surprised that she has a very simple life style. She does not waste a lot of money after her dress. She is not like any of the spoilt girls from rich families. Instead, she is serious about her studies and she tries to learn about the family business.

I wish Isha Ambani all the success in her future life. She should try to become a role model for Indian girls. It is time that women like Isha Ambani becomes the role model instead of Bollywood actresses in India.


Anonymous said...

I think a reason girls like her are not role models is because while they might have great personal traits -- their fame is because of what they were born into. Breaking into bollywood as outsider is much harder. Hence, so many actresses appeal to women. While they might not be flaunting their wits, such women have truly survived some of the worst battles to become famous and that is much more commendable than being born into wealth and managing to be down to earth.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree

Anonymous said...

People gets fame and money with their own luck and destiny and also hard work, so as to Isha Ambani.