Monday, March 8, 2010

Who is the best Bollywood actor of all time?

If you want to know the best actors of Bollywood of all time then you should visit ISLAND CRISIS website. I have found a list of top ten Bollywood actors name in this website. They have revealed ten super hit actors’ name in their website and has provided short description about each of them. These actors are regarded as living icons in themselves. They have acquired huge fan following across the India. Fans still treat them equal to God. Check out the list below and see if it matches with your own choice-

  1. Dilip Kumar
  2. Raj Kapoor
  3. Amitabh Bachchan
  4. Rajesh Khanna
  5. Dharmendra
  6. Aamir Khan
  7. Salman Khan
  8. Shahrukh Khan

9. Akshay Kumar

10. Ranbir Kapoor

Dilip Kumar is leading the list. Two Kapoor members have got place in this list. One is Raj Kapoor and other is Ranbir Kapoor. No doubt, the inclusion of latest Kapoor member in Bollywood, Ranbir Kapoor, will make you surprise. He is new face in Bollywood and he has acted a few movies. However, despite being a new face and acting in some hit movies, he is compared with some top Bollywood actors. My prediction is that he will be the future super star in Hindi film industry and he will replace Shahrukh Khan in the near future.

You may show argument for some reasons but I hope that you will admit one thing that these talented actors have great contribution in Indian Film Industry over the last six decades.


Anonymous said...

Aamir Khan is the best among all ...he should be 1st in the list...and what the hell Salman and Akshay are doing in this list...Hrithik should be there...Also Ranbir hasnt proved himself yet...

Anonymous said...

I agree Aamir is best. We should not compare generations of acting. Aamir is best of todays generation. And Akshay Kumar is amazing and is supposed to be on there.

sooraj said...

SRK IS THE BEST ACTOR IN INDIA. No one can do the movies like daar, devdas, kal ho na ho, k3g, swadesh, chack de india, om shanti om and my name is khan.

Shahrukh khan won padmasree in 2004.
he also won Rajive gandi award in 2002.
Srk won 13 filmfair award includin 7 best actor award. At the same time aamir won 7 film fair award and 2 for best actor-very shame.

Srk also won
9 star screen award.
8 zee cine award.
3 bollywood movie award.
2 global indian film award.
And his films devdas and paheli nominated for oscar.
¤Shahrukh khan's life size wax statue is created in 'madame Tussauds wax museum' in london.
And his another statue staying in 'musee Grevin' museum in paris.
Amir khan can't even dream this.
Srk's dilwale dulhania le jayenge ran 13 years. That is a world record. Can u sugges an amir film which ran more than 2 years? He is the indian actor with most number of fans across the world

Tukai said...

Bakwaz list.It should be
1 Shahrukh Khan
2 Amitji
3 Aamir bt plz don't try to prove aamir before srk it is not possible the guy is like a phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

Qamar Farid from Lahore Pakistan:
I am totaly agree with Mr. sooraj, Shahrukh Khan is the no.1 actor in all senses. He is the most deserving in this list. He is the most award wining actor of bollywood. The original list is as follows:
1- Shahrukh Khan (King Khan)
2- Aamir Khan
3- Salman Khan

Anonymous said...

The best actor in Bollywood is and will always will be the one and only Shahrukh khan!!! Even in places other than India the symbol of Bollywood is the BIG SRK for every one.

Anonymous said...

i think amir khan is very successive actor in bollywood
1:amir khan
Srk is better than amir khan
2:sharukh khan
ajay devgan also created image in bollywood
3:Ajay devgan
Akshay is stunning and comedy actor of bollywood
4:akshay kumar
Salman gets success in bollywood after amir and sharukh
5:Salman khan
Sanjay dutt also give big hits to bollywood like vastav,hatyara,khalnayak,
6:sanjay dutt
Sunny give to another style than khans
7:sunny deol
Hritik roshan is give big hits,but his film for to only children
8:Hritik roshan
Suniel shetty is famous actor in bollywood
9:suniel shetty
saif is outstanding actor show bollywood
10:saif ali khan

shahnawaz said...

SRK is the best...there is no doubt about it.he is all time no1.

shahnawaz said...

SRK is the best.He is all time No1....nobody is comparable with him....he is the pride n brand of bollywood...

Anonymous said...

Anybody who thinks Salman Khan is a good actor doesn't know anything about acting.

Anonymous said...

SRK is unmatched....

In case of aamir.
His 3idiots, rangde basanti two grt films wer a team work wer sharman n maddy impresed equal to aamir.
Ghajani was a copy of south.
Tzp wer in darshil was nominated for bst actor (not aamir)
V.few solo hits of aamir r sarfarosh, gulam...dont even remembr.

Wile SRK has it best wid
Ddlj,kkhh,dtpn,daar,k3g,kal ho na ho, chakde, om shanti on, rbj, mink
Just all d best ones.
No one cud hav played d role of suri in rabne banadi jodi as equal to srk
N role n acting in mink will remain d highst bolywood performance..

ABC said...

out side india..
People hardly know 'BOLLYWOOD'
they all know dat
Indian films means 'SHAHRUKH KHAN'
Aamir nvr evr can drm so...
W just vote an actor considering nis recent 2-3 films, n overluk d past.
Leav dis approach dan ask if anyone remembers aamir.?
SRK all d way since 1992

Anonymous said...

I know Shahrukh Khan is a very good actor but he is old now so it must be Ranbir Kapoor

Anonymous said...

The best will always be the best... SRK is not only india's best but also THE WORLD'S BEST ACTOR OF ALL TIME. Up King Khan... Ranbir Kapoor is very good too he will surely leave a mark...