Thursday, March 18, 2010

The day of Goundamani in Google Trends India

I was surprised to see that most people were searching about Goundamani today according to Google Trends India. At one stage, in the 20 hot search items, there was just topics related to this Tamil Actor.

Even now, I could find the following topics:

1. goundamani

2. goundamani dead

3. goundamani death

4. goundamani died

It is really interesting for me because I did not know about him. Well, he is a legend in Tamil Cinema.

I am not sure if he had died or not but there were rumors. Anyway, there are two entries that might of interest to you written by Mehdi Hassan in South Asia Blog:

Goundamani: The comedy king of Tamil cinema

Tamil comedy actor Goundamani dead: No confirmation yet