Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day of Swami Nityananda, Ragasudha and Ranjitha

Today, I was literally shocked to see that these 3 characters totally dominating Google trends India. It was Sun TV that came broadcast a video of Nithyananda scandal with an actress. The face of the actress was not clear in the video tape but it is thought that the actress is either Ragasudha or Ranjitha. After the broadcast of this video in the Sun TV channel, thousands of people started to search in Google and today, from morning, these 3 characters are totally dominating the Google Trends in India.

To be honest, I feel sympathy for the two actresses Ragasudha and Ranjitha. First of all, there was just one female in the video. Even it is not sure that who the girl. It is possible that it was neither Ragasudha nor Ranjitha. Even if suppose, one of these two actresses were that girl in the video. Still, the other actress has nothing to do. Unfortunately, people have no idea about this and many people are looking for hot pictures and videos of Ragasudha and Ranjitha.

Swami Nityananda is a famous in Tamil Nadu. I hope that proper investigation is carried out and if he is found guilty then proper punishment is given. Some of the followers of Swami Nityananda are very angry and they are protesting in the street.


jagadi58 said...

Why should the followers not be angry. The media is hell bent on these kind of doctured videos to defame famous Hindu charachters. The Sun TV and nakkeeran first did that with Shankaracharya Jayendra saraswati swamigal and the list for Nakkeeran is endless. I am sure one day the editors would not even leave their own kith and kin in such defamation exercise and the poor wives and daughters of Nakkeeran family would have to suffer for the sins of such people.

paarpanadhvamsan said...

Can you please learn to write proper English? Why don't you try and blog in Tamil or whatever else your native tongue is. It would atleast spare us the headache from trying to comprehend your English blog. This is a sincere piece of advice, not a random critique of your blog.