Friday, May 15, 2009

Freida Pinto calendar pictures causing her a lot of embarrassment

Do you remember Freida Pinto? She is the beautiful and sexy actress of ‘Slumdog millionaire’. Now, it seems that she has become very famous not because of her acting but because of some calendar photos that were taken for a calendar product in 2006. That calendar, there were some very hot and spicy photos of the actress. However, at that time she was not that much famous and she did not bother. Now, what does happen is that many people have become curious and have started to pose them in different internet websites. As a result it has made Freida Pinto very unhappy. Of course, I understand her feeling and that is why, I am not putting her pictures in this entry. In fact, I am against putting any kind of bad pictures of any actress. However, the reality is that many people are fan of these kinds of things and many bloggers feel that they can get a lot of traffic by posting this kind of pictures.

My personal feeling as a blogger is that Freida Pinto is a good actress and whatever she did in her past it is her own business. She should have some privacy and other blogs and websites owners should respect her privacy. The only thing I want to request you is that if you are a blogger then think about it that if someone put pictures of your past life in internet tomorrow how would you feel. So, if you see these kind of pictures in any website or blog please do not link them because those website and blogs will become more powerful and will attract more people. I just wish that there is some kind of law in internet about private matters of people. 


Anonymous said...

did you say good actress???


isnt that a little early to say after 10 minutes of screen time on slumdog millionaire?

Anonymous said...

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