Thursday, May 21, 2009

Claudia Ciesla: new girl friend of Salman Khan

Salman Khan is now more than 40 years old but he is in his mind desperately wants to become teenager again. In fact, for the last at least one decade, he is acting like a teenager boy who is trying to find new girl friends. For the last two years, it seems that he was going to settle down with Katrina Kaif. Yes, it is true that there were some rumors about some other girls but now it is clear that Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are not going to get married. In fact, now in the media, Katrina Kaif is no longer associated with Salman Khan that much. In stead, it is a new model from Germany and her name is Claudia Ciesla. Claudia Ciesla is not that of a big model even in Germany and that is why, she is thinking of trying her luck in Bollywood. The same thing happened to Katrina Kaif. Katrina Kaif was from England and even she had British accent.

Katrina Kaif had to suffer a lot of problem when she came to Bollywood because of her British accent. It was difficult for people to accept her as a Bollywood actress. Then she met Salman Khan and became his girl friend. Salman Khan tried his best to promote her even acted with her in a movie. As a result, Katrina Kaif got a very big break and became famous. Now, Claudia Ciesla is doing the same thing. She has already met Salman Khan and Salman Khan is most probably interested about her. So, let us see if she can make the break. Katrina Kaif had one advantage because she was Indian but Claudia Ciesla is form Germany and of Polish decent. Her father is Polish wile her mother is German.

If we look at the past history of Claudia Ciesla then we will see that she is mainly famous in Germany for showing her body and she does not have any good thing about her duty. In face in Germany, I could not find that she has taken acted in any movie or got any award or even as a model. The only thing she could become perhaps was that she became first in Germany super girl 2006. However, there is nothing that you can be proud about her. She started modeling from the age of 15 and she has posed for different kind of pictures. Now, it seems that she is working in the movie in Bollywood.

The funny thing is that until Salman Khan became interested about her, hardly anyone outside of Germany knew about Claudia Ciesla. There has been some fake pictures of her in internet and it became very popular in India but it was fake not real. So, the way I started, I like to say that Salman Khan is a stupid actor and it is time he should leave Bollywood get married and settle in life. He is now 41 years old and after few years he will become 50. He is no longer teenage man or not even young man. He is already a middle aged man and he should learn from other actors like Shah Rukh Khan how to maintain a decent family’s life style even after acting in Bollywood.


Amal said...

Well! as i read thru this, i can see that he hasn't got marry yet, but it depends on the person maybe he couldn't find the right girl.I know that he been with Katrina but that doesn't mean he has to marry her.when the right tym comes then he'll get marry.

Nirmal Singh said...

claudia is a gori whore like yana gupta who is trying to use desi for money and attention.