Friday, May 22, 2009

Claudia Ciesla thinks Salman Khan is talented

It seems to me that now Claudia Ciesla is trying to follow the footstep of Katrina Kaif. She has already made good relation Salman Khan and has even praised Salman that he is a very talented actor. Naturally Salman Khan will be very happy to hear this kind of praising remarks because the reality is that for the last few years he is not in good form. His movies are not earning good money or critical appreciation. Claudia is also trying to make a good relationship with Abhishekh Bachchan and it is clear that she has targeted the Bollywood film industry.

What I don’t understand is that even if Salman Khan or Abhishekh Bachchan helps her how she can find success in India. She does not look like Indian at all. In fact, she looks like a pure European and she is from Germany of Polish origin. So, it seems that she will need to make good relation with some more other actors beside Salman Khan.