Friday, May 22, 2009

Aishwarya Rai not acting Right about Sonam Kapoor

Aishwarya Rai may be the most beautiful actress in Bollywood today. Her fans are too much eager to promote that she is the most beautiful woman on earth but there is no general acceptance in other countries. It does not discourage her fans and there is no doubt that she is really very beautiful. Aishwarya Rai is a gorgeious and pretty woman and good actress too. However, it seems that she does not have good heart. The thing she has done with Soonam Kapor has caused some unhappiness among Bollywood fans. I was reading some of the media coverages about it. What has happened is that Loreal company recently contracted Sonam Kapoor as for modeling. So, Sonam Kapoor is going to be their new face in modeling to promote their products in India. Until now, it was Aishwarya Rai whose advertisements were seen all the time and she is still endorcing the brand.

In happiness, Sonam Kapoor made a remark that caused too much annoyed feeling in the mind of Aishwarya Rai. Sonam said that she is the new beauty for the young people in India whereas Aishwariya is the symbol of beauty for middle aged or older generation. I think that this is somewhat true because Aishwarya Rai is now more than thirty-five years old and she is gradually becoming old. On the other hand, Sonam Kapoor is among a new bunch of actresses who are going to dominate the industry in the coming year. Aishwarya Rai did not take this remark very lightly and she got very unhappy. There are some reports that she threatened Loreal company in India that if Sonam Kapoor is also invited in France then she would not keep good relationship with the company. Naturally Loreal India became afraid because Aishwarya Rai is their number one face for the Indian TV viewers for many years. It should be ……….. that Sonam Kapoor would walk in red karpet in Cannes film festival but then ask her not to go there. Sonam Kapoor did not say anything about this matter but her manager was very upset and she opened her mouth to the media. Then Loreal India also stated something and it clearly showed that they were somewhat forced to stop Sonam Kapoor for not going to Paris.

In Paris, Sonam Kapoor’s father Anil Kapor was expected to go with her and introduce her to the media. But because Aishwarya Rai became very unhappy and angry this did not happen. I can not understand the problem of Aishwarya because she has got almost everything. She won the title of miss world and then she acted in many Bollywood movies. She also get married in the Bachchan family with Abhishekh Bachchan. So, she should be much higher than Sonam Kapoor in any compaison. In fact, there is no comparison between these two girls and even there is no comparison in their age. So, it is very difficult for me to understand the mentality of Aishwarya Rai about this problem. I think that she should open her mind a bit more and this can help her. In fact, this probem between these two actresses created a lot of sympathy for Sonam Kapoor and created some annoyed feeling about Aishwarya Rai.


Mariam said...

Soonam shouldnt have talked about ahs's age or generation. there maybe an 8 or 9 years age gap between two girls which isnt a generation gap. Soonam thinks she's a child, she is a child in brain but in body, she is like a grandam.

Anonymous said...

Why harp on what Ash has done. Hasn't she always been her fake insecure self. She may be considered beautiful by many but her acting department is a total void. Hits dont mean ur a great actress!

Celeb Babe said...

whatever, Ash remains her insecure woman from inside, gosh i fear the day she is not photgraphed so much. her hubby will bear the brunt, like SRK who saw her real, himself is cool cunning, he realised her true image when she tried to make him stand for her against Sallu mian. Again she did the same with that Oberoi boy, who tagged along her and took her fight with Sallu, and nextmoment she got hooked with ABBaby