Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Awarapan: Mahesh Bhatt Wants More Facilities in India

Awarapan is a movie that has been shot in 6 foreign countries. So, many people may wonder what is wrong with India that Mahesh Bhatt had to go in 6 foreign countries! Mahesh Bhatt feels that India should learn from foreign countries about supporting film makers. Bollywood is a big industry now and many countries in the world are trying to attract Bollywood movie companies to go their countries and shot the movies.

New Kerala wrote:

''Several countries provide us cost effective rates and good facilities to shoot our movies. There are no hiccups, no problems with bureaucracy. Authorities in Mumbai should do some soul searching and offer the film industry facilities they rightfully deserve. We save time and hence quality of our product is enhanced when shooting abroad,'' Bhatt told reporters while promoting his latest film ''Awarapan', which has been shot in Hong kong in association with the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

To a question on why he is keen to promote the East through his films while most of his film fraternity is looking towards the West, Mr Bhatt said there was a lot to learn from Asian countries.

I agree with Mahesh Bhatt. Indian government and the regional governments of the Indian states should try to help film companies so that even Hollywood movie makers feel interested to come to India. It can help Indian economy and create more jobs.