Monday, February 1, 2010

Why Shah Rukh Khan is afraid of getting into relationships?

It is not unknown to the fans of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan that he will feature the cover page of popular men’s magazine GQ. Here, his life story will be featured into different categories like food, music, fitness, movies, sex, travel etc. In a statement, he said that he is scared of getting into relationships and caught the media attention socially and emotionally inept. It will make you surprise and curious both. What did he mean with it? Is he going to fall in love with any girl or something? If he is not in love then why is he feeling scared? Don’t be worried dear reader. He will not do anything that will turn him villain.

hindustantimes reported:

"With Aamir (Khan) and Amitabh Bachchan, there is no fall-out," the 44-year-old actor said. And while talking about her friend filmmaker-choreographer Farah Khan, Shah Rukh said, "I'll be honest about Farah. Her work defines her. None of us owe anything to anyone. I always believe that."

He has many friends in Bollywood and most of them are contemporaries and seniors in the movie industry. At the same time, he has many enemies in Bollywood. Here, he has talked about Farah Khan. His relation with Farah Khan is not going well and that is the most talk of the topic in Bollywood. May be, their friendship will break up. Shah Rukh condemns Farah Khan for this reason.