Monday, February 22, 2010

Katrina Kaif fight with Prakash Jha for saree color in the upcoming Hindi movie “Rajneeti”

Katrina Kaif is the only female star in the star studded upcoming Hindi film “Rajneeti”. This film will be released on 4th June 2010. This movie is made based on Indian politics. Shooting of this film is still going on. However, the fight between actress Katrina Kaif and director Prakash Jha has come into the spot light. There was not any important reason behind their fight. The color of a saree created a big problem between them. Katrina Kaif wanted to wear deep color saree because her fans want her to see in a sexy look. But director Prakash Jha asked her to wear off white saree for her role. In this fight Prakash Jha won but it crated much anger in the mind of Katrina Kaif. She said that she did not have any objection in wearing saree for the scene but she expected any lovely and bold color saree which he used to wear in her previous films. I think you know that in India widow often wears this color of saree.

However, Katrina Kaif’s fans can see her demure in the film. I think Katrina Kaif should give more focus on her character rather than sexy image. Day by day she is becoming aged and matured. She should try hard to make herself memorable to her fans.

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