Thursday, February 25, 2010

Teen Patti: Dhruv Ganesh was very nervous facing the camera for the first time

Along with established movie actors, Teen Patti also stars four newbies. One of them is Dhruv Ganesh. His skinny appearance makes him a standout in the group.

Dhruv Ganesh hails from Delhi. His father served in the Indian air force. So, Dhruv has been moving around all over India including Wellington (South India), Adampur (Punjab), Delhi, Kalaikunda (West Bengal) Mumbai, Allahabad, Ahmedabad and Baroda. From an early, Dhruv Ganesh has been involved in theatres. Since, he wanted to have a career in acting, Bombay was his first choice. He came to heard about the audition of Teen Patti through a friend and auditioned for the movie. It was a very rigorous process. In the movie, Dhruv Ganesh played the role of a small town boy named, Bikram Ashwin Dhar, who comes from a conservative family and wants to have a degree and secure a better job.

From a very young age, Dhruv Ganesh suffered from stage fright and this created a very big problem when he faced the camera but Rani Dharkar helped him a lot. She directed his first play. A private person, Dhruv love to play games and watching movies. Aamir Khan’s Raang De Basanti was one of his favorite films because the movie tells the tragic story of an Indian air force pilot and Dhruv’s father was also a pilot.

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Prince Movie said...

Druv Ganesh is looking good in the movie trailers, I watched and I am very eager to watch the movie. Hope this would be a good start for him in the bollywood industry.
Nice sharing of good entertaining news here. Keep posting more please.

Prince Movie said...

I am so eager about the movie because I am a great fan of both Amithab and Madhavan and I want to watch them act together here. I would be a great entertainment to watch the movie indeed, I believe.
Nice sharing and keep posting.