Friday, February 12, 2010

Movie Review of ‘My Name is Khan’

There is good news for Hindi movie lovers that the much-anticipated movie “My Name Is Khan” has been released today. Despite facing its major setback in Mumbai it has got released both US and India in more than 119 theatres. Fox Searchlight has distributed this movie in US. Fans are happy for this new movie where they can see the most successful onscreen couple Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol acting together. This movie has got good review from its audience. It proves that Hindu extremist group can not affect over it. Millions of people are curious to know the review of this film. The story of this film is based on 9/11 incident in US and how this incident affected in the live of Muslim in USA. The message of this movie is that all Muslims are not terrorists and there is no relation with Muslim and terrorist. Director of this movie, Karan Johar, tries hard to show that there are two types of people live in this world-the good and the bad. The strength of evil power can not defeat good. Good always triumphs the victory at the end. There are a lot of characters but only a few characters have importance to move the story ahead and lead to the climax.

At the beginning of this film you can see a child named Rizwan Khan. Rizwan Khan is an autistic child. He stays with his mother in Borivali, Mumbai. When he grows older and becomes adult, he movies to San Francisco to live with his brother and sister-in-law. He falls in love with Mandira. Before going to marry her, Rizwan Khan had to face a strong protest by his brother. After their marriage they started a small business. Everything was going well until September 11. Because of terrorist attack in USA, both Rizwan and Mandira had to face many difficulties. At a time, they got separated. To get her love back Rizwan left home and embark on a long journey across the US.

Both Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol acted well. Their acting touches the heart of movie lovers. After a long gap Kajol and Shah Rukh made pair in a movie. Kajol was awesome. I will not be surprised if Shah Rukh Khan or his co-stars are nominated for Oscar award.

Movie: My Name is Khan

Director: Karan Johar

Cast and Crew:

Shah Rukh Khan- Rizwan Khan

Kajol- Mandira

Jimmy Shergill- Zakir Khan

Tanay Chheda- Rizwan Khan (as a child)

Yuvaan Makaar-

Soniya Jehan- Haseena Khan

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Sona said...

Nice review. I have not yet watched the film till now. But my interest towards watching it has grown higher after reading the review post here. This is definitely a good message through the movie and I believe both SRK and Kajol added value to the story.
Thanks for the review.