Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shah Rukh Khan will ask question to his fans for promoting his movie "My Name Is Khan"

How would you feel to answer of your superstar’s query face to face? I think you will take preparation to answer this question. Do you know the question that you may face anywhere in India? The question is that-‘How far would you go for love?’. It is perhaps the latest strategy to promote any upcoming movie. It is a part of a special promotional campaign for this movie and I have not seen this before. With this campaign he may be able to make a connection with people. I also think that fans will be happy to see their superstar in front of them. It can increase an interest in the mind of fans to watch this film in a big screen. This year Shah Rukh Khan’s big budget movie "My Name Is Khan" will be released across the world on 12th February 2010. This Bollywood megastar is busy to promote his movie. Even he has not left any stone unturned to promote his movie.

Now a days, we can see that superstars are being involved promoting to their movies. Last year, we saw Aamir Khan following different campaign to promote his new movie “3 Idiots”.

“My Name Is Khan” is the much awaited film. Fans are waiting for this film. I will not be surprised if it breaks all past record.

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