Thursday, January 7, 2010

Who will act in the role of Barack Obama?

Bollywood movie director Karan Johar’s new movie MY NAME IS KHAN will release this month. The story of this movie was made based on a true story. The shooting of this film took place in America. Obviously you can see American politics and the effect of it over foreign people. No doubt, you can see USA president Barack Obama in this movie. Are you surprised? Yes, I have to admit that Barack Obama is the busiest person now. So, he can not give any time to act in a movie. The question is that who will play the role of Barack Obama in MY NAME IS KHAN. According to a source, it is heard that Hollywood star Christopher B. Duncan will be seen in the role of USA president.

Christopher B. Duncan has got popularity for his TV show THE JAMIE FOXX Show. I think you will be surprised to see his acting ability. He made his role realistic to the audience.

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