Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shah Rukh Khan’s remarries to a 20-year old girl Tillana Desai: Is it rumor or true?

Super stars are always desirable to their fans. Even fans do not care whether their stars are married or not. Fans always expect that they will spend their life with their favorite stars. It may be possible in dream but not in reality. However, fans do not loss their emotion and hope. That is why, they try hard to impress their super stars and this type of incident is not new for Bollywood super stars. Perhaps Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan is the latest victim. Shah Rukh Khan appeared in a five-star hotel in Ahmedabad. He went there to promote his new movie ‘My Name is Khan'. Here he faced a crazy female fan named Tillana Desai who strongly requested her to accept her love and marry her. This girl was in bridal dress and she wanted to use his star’s family name “Khan” with her name. Nothing worst has happened because Shah Rukh Khan was taken aback from Tillana Desai. It is true that SRK has been impressed by her fan in which way she expressed her love to Shah Rukh. However, he went down on his knees and slipped the ring on her finger.

You should know that Shah Rukh Khan is busy about promoting his new movie ‘My Name is Khan'. In this movie, he paired with Kajol after eight years. ‘My Name is Khan' is much awaited movie to the movie lovers. Shah Rukh Khan acted as an autistic person. It is really a challenging character for him. It is perhaps a first movie which is made about autistic patient. This movie will be released on 12th February 2010.

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