Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rina Dhaka is keen to work in Bollywood

Rina Dhaka is a famous fashion designer and a familiar face in Bollywood. She is thought as world class fashion designer. She has come at the centre attraction with the film “Blue”. In this film, she has given Lara Dutta a stunning and bold look. Lara Dutta was seen wearing white, red, pink and bejeweled bikinis. This kind of success has inspired Rina Dhaka a lot to work more in Bollywood. You should know that ‘Blue’ was the first movie where she worked as a designer. No doubt that Bollywood is a lucrative place for everyone. If you want to make a glamorous career then you should want to advance yourself into Bollywood. I hope that Rina Dhaka should use the opportunity that is knocking in her door.

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