Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jessica Simpson has been accused of embracing Indian culture

Jessica Simpson is an US actor and Singer. She has been traveling the whole world for reality show 'The Price of Beauty'. She is acting as host for this famous reality TV show. Now, she is in India for her recent tour. The 29-year-old actress Jessica Simpson has been accused of embracing Indian fashion. What things make Indian viewers much anger and led them accusing such thing? There was something that should hurt Indian people.

Jessica Simpson has just arrived at Los Angeles airport. Before that she performed a show in Mumbai where she called Bollywood star Neha Dhupia as the Indian Beauty ambassador for her TV show. However, Jessica was seen wearing a traditional dress and tattooed designed by henna.

In her reality show, she wanted to see that every country is different by culture. But she failed to show it successfully. She looked like gorgeous in turquoise sari. But what is about henna? I know that Indian girls use it in a marriage occasion. On the other hand, Jessica used it in a reality show. It was the main reason for embracing Indian culture.

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