Friday, October 30, 2009

‘London Dreams’ has been able to attract the media attention

The much-awaited Hindi movie ‘London Dreams’ has created a lot of expectations to its viewers. Fans should expect something more from their super star Salman Khan as Salman Khan’s new movie ‘Main Aurr Mrs Khanna’ failed to attract much viewers on the movie theater. However, I have got good news in a report who reported that ‘London Dreams’ got good review. This upcoming movie could enter into the good books of the media. This news should give Salman some relax and leave tension. Ajay Devgn and Asin Thottumkal are two actors who acted in this film. After long time Ajay Devgn has been seen to act with Salman Khan. Asin Thottumkal had good start in Bollywood with the remake movie ‘Ghajini’.

‘London Dreams’ is a different type of movie. It is full of musical entertainment and climax. Viewers feel exciting to know the story till the end.

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