Wednesday, October 28, 2009

‘London Dreams’ is going to be another longest movie?

The most talked Hindi movie ‘London Dreams’ has already edited. Now, the duration of this movie is just 150 minutes long. No doubt, it is too long length movie compare with new released movie in India. Now-a-days, people do not like to see movie which length more than two hours. But the director Vipul Shah is not worried about it. He said that he has to keep it demanding the story. ‘London Dreams’ is a romantic movie which is full of emotions, music and romantic tracks. And all tracks are important so directors are confused to cut any tracks.

Now, there is a question that movie goers’ people can watch this movie passionately.

Before this movie, Vipul Shah made two short films ‘AANKHEN’ and ‘SINGH IS KINNG’. So, it is a big challenge for Vipul Shah. Let us see how he can attract the fans with his new film.

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