Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shah Rukh and Salman Khan Avoided Each Other at Imran Khan’s Wedding Receiption

Aamir Khan invited Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan at the wedding receiption of his nephew actor Imran Khan and his wife Avantika Malik. However, Shah Rukh and Salman decided not to come face-to-face with each other by attending the party at two different times.

Salman and his brother Sohail Khan came to the party at midnight and stayed around 30 minutes before making his way out through the back gate because SRK was supposed to arrive at 1pm. King khan finally arrived at 2.30 along with his wife Gauri Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan earlier publicly invited Slaman to meltdown their personal gap, but the Dabang actor did not show any interest in it. Reports also suggest that Aamir also tried to bring them closer by inviting them together and expected their presence at the same party would help to bridge the gap between themselves.

Salman and Shah Rukh made the newspaper headlines couples of years back with their high profile clash at the birthday party of Salman’s then lovebird, Katrina Kaif.

Personal clashes are nothing new in showbiz world. Many big stars had personal problems and many of them even resolved it too. Now, no body knows if Salman and SRK would resolve their problem, and if yes then when.