Friday, February 4, 2011

Salman Khan proposes to rename Bollywood

Heartthrob Bollywood actor, Salman Khan, has come at the center of media attention not for the success of any his movie or personal matter rather than his comment at his Twitter account. In his Twitter account, he proposed to change the name of Hindi Film Industry and called it Hi-Fi. He has also got good response from his fans for this kind of suggestion.

The reason of his proposal was that the world Bollywood was taken from Hollywood which is used to point out the American film industry. It seems that he wanted to make this change to show the difference between these two film industries.

He also became the first actor who talked about it. Riteish Deshmukh also backed Salman Khan to change the name of Bollywood. Those who heard or read about this new idea have expressed same feeling.

The word Bollywood is used to mention the Hindi Film Industry and it has been used since 70s. The trend of using “wood” started in India with the Bengali film industry, Tollywood which is located at Tollygunge.

Will it be the good decision to change the name of Hindi Film Industry? If it changes then what will be the new name.

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