Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kajol will take a break for her second child

Kajol makes her comeback to Bollywood for promoting her latest flick, Toonpur Ka Super Hero, with husband Ajay Devgn. She took a break as she gave birth to a baby boy this year. But the reality is that she is giving more time on promoting the film keeping her new born kid away. She is really facing a tough time.

Perhaps Kajol is planning for a break once again. Until her new born baby turns three, Kajol will not be signing any new films. With the animation flick, TKS, she will make appearance with her husband Ajay Devgn. Earlier this couple was seen in Raju Chacha, which was a Kids flick.

After long break, Kajol made her successful comeback with Fanaa. Then she was appeared in a very few films like My Name is Khan, KANK and We are family again and proved herself that she still can attract audience in the theater.

Kajol is called one of the finest actresses that Bollywood has ever produced. Even she is also the very rare actress who has got success in the film industry without showing her body or acting in any offensive film.

She is well remembered to the mind of her fans because of her sizzling chemistry with Shahrukh Khan.

TKS will be released on 24th December 2010.