Thursday, August 26, 2010

Salman Khan remarks causes Katrina Kaif to break down at press conference

Katrina Kaif recently had the worst press conference of her life. The actress on August 24, 2010 attended a press-conference organized by one of the brands she endorses but instead of asking any question related to the brand, the journalists kept on asking her about her break up with Salman Khan.

Few days ago Salman Khan in an interview said, “I have broken up with Katrina. We were friends then for everybody, we are friends now.” This remark resulted into relentless questioning of media people about her split with Salman Khan.

Initially, Katrina Kaif remained calm but at the face of continuous questioning and unpleasant remarks, she could not control herself but broke down into tears. She lost control over her emotions and blurted "If Salman says we've split, it must be true."

Soon she walked out of the conference. A close friend of Katrina Kaif, who accompanied her to the conference, said that Katrina Kaif is a strong girl and never breaks down in public but that night she became very upset and wept after the event because she was continuously questioned on something that Salman Khan said.

Katrina Kaif has decided to make certain modifications in her contract to make sure that next time media people asks only questions related to her professional works and endorsements.


Movies said...

Thanks for information ! I enjoyed reading of your blog. Salman Khan is my favorite actor. Currently, He is hosting "Big Boss 4" and I am big fan of him.

krazzii said...

its good her because she is not worth of salman khan..its good zat they broke up!!she is 2 arogant..

Anonymous said...

A complete joke katrina is only in the film industry because of salmanz overaching endorsement